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Pulp & Paper
Since several decades we have succeed in specializing to a high degree in the field paper production. The decades of experience in paper mills, research and close cooperation with the customers, have led to the speciality product range that meet the requirement of paper and board mills.


Selected products for the repulping of inferior waste paper and for the dispersion of most difficult waste paper, which content wet and dry strength resins, coating polymers, hot melt and glues.
DEINKING AUXILIARIES Special deinking auxiliaries for dissolving, dispersing and flotation effects on dye, carbon black, varnish and other contaminants.
STICKIES ELIMINATION Additive for the most effective stickies elimination in the system.
PITCH CONTROL Additive for very effective pitch control.
WIRE & FELT CONDITIONER Additive for wire & felt coating and conditioning.

Fixing agents which react with anionic oligomers and polymers and with non-ionic hydrocolloids and neutralise them For the fixation of dyes, sizing agents and fillers.
Special, non-flammable and odour-less products for cleaning wires, wet felt and dryer fabrics. More efficient than kerosene and other solvent based products. Water based, 100% solvent-free cleaner.
Highly efficient products for microbiological treatment, for slime control and for breaks-free and odour-free production. Products for different temperature ranges.
This is a synthetic defoamer with 100 % active ingredients. It is distinguished by an accurate surface foam control and an effective deaeration due to itís excellent emulsifying properties

A complete range of products for Yankee Cylinder protection and adhesion, for the production of soft and bulky tissue with uniform surface. For corrosion prevention and passivation for the cylinder and edges of the cylinder.

For releasing on Yankee Dryers & creping of tissue. By using it on the cylinder surface it remains clearer than usual. It is a non-ionic creping aid and has been developed for controlling the release effect on the Yankee Cylinder with base coating.
SOFTENING AGENTS High performance tissue softener without solvent and odour for all types of pulp. A solvent free product.
OPTICAL BRIGHTENER High concentrated optical brightener in powder form for improving whiteness.
13-25 % concentrated, cationic Polyamideamine-Epichlorhydrin Resins, which function under acid or alkaline paper making conditions.
BINDERS Aqueous, anionic carboxylated styrene/butadiene copolymer dispersion which is used as a binder for coating colours in the paper industry.

Fine particle size pigment fillers produced from plain-white natural calcium carbonate by a new manufacturing process as well as premium brightness, fine particle size glossing kaolins.

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