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Our special products play an important role in the agriculture industry, in metal working industry and for electric power supply.

This fire-resistant hydraulic fluid contains in aqueous solution a combination of glycols of different chain lengths as well as special additives for wear resistance as well as corrosion protection.
This transformer Oil is a specially refined light mineral oil for electrical applications. It provides good dielectric properties. It is highly resistant to oxidative degradation, i.e. formation of acids and sludge. Being of low viscosity it circulates easily to provide efficient heat transfer.

WATER SAVER for Agriculture
This Water Saver is a stable and chemically inactive acrylic polymer which has the ability of absorbing rain water to the volume of several hundred times its own weight. It is used as a soil additive, increasing the field capacity and improving the structure and air-water regime of the soil.

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Hydraulic Oil
Improved Plant Growth
Fire Resistance

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