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We provide all the service and complete chemical solutions to our customers.
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IN ACCORDANCE WITH General DAta Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Anonymous collection of data: 
In general you may visit our websites without telling us who you are. All that we learn is the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website from which you are visiting us, and our websites that you visit. This information will be evaluated for statistical purposes. As an individual user you will remain anonymous.

Collection and processing of personal data: 
Personal data will not be collected unless you freely impart them to us for the purpose of e.g. processing a contract or enquiries, or when you register for personalised services. In the scope of the personalised services, subject to your consent your registration data and the information called up by you when visiting the site will be compiled to form a user profile, to enable us to offer you information tailored to your requirements. These data will be transmitted in encrypted form to prevent misuse of the data by third parties.

Export of data to, and processing of data in, states outside the European Economic Area: 
The export of data into states outside the EEA will take place only with participants in the Safe Harbor procedure or with data recipients who have agreed by contract to handle the received data in compliance with the standards of data protection under EU law. The export of your personal data is exclusively limited to the above mentioned purpose.

Use and transfer of personal data:
Without your consent the personal data collected for the purposes of our website will be used solely to process your contract and enquiries. Beyond this, your data will be used as necessary to tailor electronic services only if you have given us your consent in advance. For the rest, there will be no transfer of data to third parties. You may, of course, withdraw your consent at any time with immediate effect.

Further details, contact: 
Should you require further details about the question of data protection, please let us know. You will find our contact address in the "Contact" on our home page. You can require us to advise what data we have stored about you. Moreover, you can send us your requests for information about your data, or for the deletion or correction of your data, at any time by email or letter, and we should also be pleased to receive your suggestions.

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