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We offer different solutions to apply our chemicals on the paper machines and to evaluate the water quality as well as the condition of the manufactured tissues and fabrics.
Spray System

The spray bar can  be installed at any angle to the yankee cylinder or press roll. It is also possible o spray directly onto the felt.
Measuring Instruments

PDA.C 02 Module Standard

General penetration measuring applications with any low to medium viscous liquid:
» Prediction of glueability, printability and coatingability of paper and board by measurement of: surface sizing / surface hydrophoby and surface porosity.
» Melamine resin absorption of decorative paper (by using the RSE/OSB sample preparation device).

PDA.C 02 Module HVL

PDA.C 02 Basic Device with Module HVL High Viscous Liquid Dynamics Analyzer Measurement of high viscous liquids as glue and inks in contact with paper or board.
» Advantages: no cleaning after measurement of contaminating liquids, only 3.5ml test liquids per measurement.

PDA.C 02 Module Standard Coating PDA.C 02 Basic Device with Module Standard Coating, Coating Accesories and the Coating Color Preparation System CDA02, CDM02 or CCM:
» Coating color to base paper interaction, contacted under impulse shaped high shear and pressure load.
» Simulation of the applicator of a coating machine in a measuring device.
» Additional: Investigation of coating base paper and coated paper.
PDA.C 02 Module PEA

PDA.C 02 Basic Device with Module PEA Print Evenness Analyzer
» Prediction of print mottle/print unevenness tendency of paper/board by measurement of coating base paper.
» New sensor concept of a line of 32 small pixels with a diameter of 1 mm.

EST12 Surface and Sizing Tester Based on the same measuring principle like the PDA.C 02:
» Easy, portable, low budget device: useful for application engineers of chemical suppliers, QA in paper production.
HSA Heat Shrinkage Analyzer

Measurement of the shrinkage of paper or OPP plastic foils, in contact with a temperature controlled hot metal plate:
» Runnability of paper in a laser printing machine, a copy machine.
» Shrink properties of OPP foils in packaging process: cigarette boxes, perfume boxes.
» Special paper applications, for example to measure the dimension stability after drying or fixing of ink in roll offset.

WSD 02 Wet Stretch Dynamics Analyzer Measurement of the dynamics of wet stretching of paper under one sided liquid contact.
» Decorative paper, newsprint paper, ink jet paper, label paper, wall paper, coating base paper.

DSS as a combination instrument of WSD02 and HSA.

TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer » Replacement of subjective hand panel test, measuring results in very good correlation to subjective feeling.
» High accuracy, good reproducibility.
» Nonwoven and fabrics can also be measured.
DCS Deposit Control System

For the measurement of fouling, deposits and films in paper machines, power plants.

CAS touch, Charge Analyzing System Accurate and easy determination of Particle Charge in the wet end of paper and board production and in any aqueous charge system
» efficient, accurate, easy handling, compact and robust
» clear and simple-to-undestand measuring procedure
» with one or two integrated titrators or for external titration
FPA touch, Fiber Potential Analyzer

Accurate and easy determination of the Zeta Potential of Fiber Suspensions touch
» efficient, accurate and easy determination of the Zeta Potential
» smaller, and lighter
» take out, switch on, start measurement

DFA Dynamic Filtration Analyzer To quickly and accurately determine the influence of chemicals on filtration properties by automatic analysis of drainage and retention of fiber suspensions.
 ACA Ash Content Analyzer

To quickly and accurately determine the filler and pigment content of paper and board. New: not only the total ash content is determined but also the content of all individual components in percent traditional process of combustion is not necessary anymore.

SDO Sticky Detection Online New: The system measures actual occurring stickies in the paper machine but not just the potential for stickies in the pulp suspension.
FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online

For an online measurement of the fiber zeta potential in paper and board machines: reliable, accurate and robust.

STS Surface Testing System Determination of abrasion, attrition and scratch resistance of surfaces by different testing methods.
» Standard methods are already implemented.
» Customer specific methods can be created and stored in the device.

Spray System
PDA.C 02 Module Standard
PDA.C 02 Module PEA

PDA.C 02 Module PEA

EST 12 Surface & Sizing Tester


Wet Stretch Dynamics Analyzer

Tissue Softness Analyzer

Charge Analyser System


Fiber Potential Analyzer

Surface Testing System


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